Book Review: Adventures of Ai {WIN a FREE copy!}

When looking for books for my classroom,
I am always on the lookout for...

Interesting plots
Quality characters
Unique/different settings
Thought-provoking morals

Today I want to share a book with you that has all of the above - and more!
The Adventures of Ai by Craig T. Bouchard
The Adventures of Ai Book Cover
Here's a note from the author that summarizes the story nicely and really shares the heart behind the story:

"The Adventures of Ai is a historical novel aimed at girls’ ages 9-14, and their tiger parents. The format is a bedtime story told by a dad to his three daughters. The story begins today, then goes back 20 years to a family living next-door in Tokyo, and from there back five hundred years to their ancestors. The main character is an eleven-year-old girl named Ai who lived in the year 1514. The story incorporates beautiful art, history, and mathematics into the adventure. There is a mix of fictional and famous non-fictional characters. I wrote the book as a survival guide for modern pre-teen girls, hoping to prepare them to be thoughtful, independent, strong, and ready for the world. I also want to challenge them in school. There are far too few books with a young girl as the hero."
You can learn more about the book by exploring the Adventure of Ai website.
And now, to enrich your reading of the book, they have even created a game for your iPhone or iPad. 
iPhone Screenshot 1
Here's a video that explores the main themes
of the book and game:
In the end, I love this quote: "The story unlocks the potential of each and every child on the verge of growing up, and pushes toward a life of unbounded adventure and success."
Are you intrigued yet?
You can purchase the e-book for only $2.99 (you can read it on a Kindle or iPad). I even recently read it on my phone while waiting at the airport!
I have also been given the opportunity to GIVE AWAY 
2 FREE copies of the book!
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