Worksheet Wednesday: Back to School Student Interest Survey

Howdy friends!
Today has been a mish-mosh of answering e-mails, packing for the TPT Vegas conference (!!!), grocery shopping, cleaning, and unpacking my new house (a seemingly never-ending process!). 
I'm taking a small brain break to blog! :)
Today's theme for Worksheet Wednesday is Back-to-School! Now I am in full summer mode and am milking this vacation for all it's worth, so I am decidedly NOT ready for back-to-school, but I thought I'd join in the fun for those who ARE
thinking about the fall.

Here's a fun FREE worksheet that I have the students fill out on the first day of school. It helps me to get to know them and also provides me with important, needed information.
Student Information and Interest Survey
It's two pages - click HERE to download your FREE copy :)

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