Wordless Wednesday: I'm a Laminatin' Fool!

I did a huge laminating run at Lakeshore yesterday:
And yesterday afternoon was spent
cutting, slicing, and trimming!
Do you laminate a little bit at a time
or save up and do a big haul?
{I tend to do BOTH!} :)


  1. Definitely both, although I prefer to do a little at a time because I can't make myself sit still for very long to cut out a big laminating project!

    First Grade Stampede

  2. I do both! At times, I get over eager and laminate a lot and then when it comes time to cut it all out, I'm not so eager lol.

    Team V's Second Grade Fun

  3. You are SOOOO good! I laminate everything and then I piddle around getting it all cut out. I have got to take a page from your book and just do it all RIGHT THEN! I'd be finished and no be able to complain.

    I see some of my task cards in your pile (clapping hands and smiling). Do I see signs for a 40 book challenge? I'm tossing that around for this year. However, our librarian does a special reading incentive program and I'm wondering if it would be too much for my kiddos.


  4. I have a personal laminator at school, so I try not to let the pile get too much or I feel like it will take me FOREVER! I did do a huge haul at Lakeshore last year when I bought a bunch of Marcy Cook Tiles though! That took FOREVER!! I actually did it in two big sections too!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  5. I do both, but tend to do smaller sets. The beginning of the year is when I tend to have a big haul from everything I've worked on over the summer. I try to print at school as much as I can to save ink/paper here :).

    A Very Curious Class

  6. I've got two laminators now! I got frustrated taking one to and from school, so just bought a second one... Probably didn't need to! Ahwell!!
    I do it as I need to. Sometimes that means going through an entire box of pouches, sometimes it means one page at a time.

    Learning to be awesome


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