New House Reveal!

Welcome to our lovely new home!
Here's our kitchen:
I decorated this plain-yet-functional white pantry with
fun and funky wall decals :)
The living room: 
 Here's my latest labor of love: The Craft Room!
And it also doubles as our guest room!
{while my parents are visiting from New York)
I found this sign and absolutely LOVE it!
Here's the hubby's office: 
(we're waiting on a bookshelf to unpack the last of our boxes)
 Here's the hallway towards the back of the house:
Here's the master bedroom:
Here's our woodsy, Pacific-Northwest-themed bathroom:

Phew! Thanks for sticking with me, friends!
This was a ton of work, but I love looking around at our newly-set-up home! It really feels like ours now :)

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  1. Nice house! I'm jealous that you have a craft room. Congratulations on your new home.

  2. You did a great job at making it calm and cheerful at the same time. (I love the bathroom shower curtain and the nature photos!)

  3. Your new home is adorable! You've turned a nice house into a home! I am sooo jealous of that beautiful craft room. My things are strewn all over my house... luckily I live alone, especially during the summer when it's teacher create-it-time! I really like your shower curtain and the picture over your bed. I am thinking of doing a "tree" theme in my bathroom. Those two piece would be perfect. Enjoy your first house; make lots of beautiful memories there:)


  4. Your home is lovely! The master bedroom is pretty and I like the craft room. Enjoy your new home.

  5. What a beautiful home. I love the sign you found. Perfect!
    ~Amanda from His and Her Hobbies


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