Fuel Your Faith: THINK Before You Speak

One of the most important (and most frequent) lessons I teach all year is about the power of words. I did a longer in-depth post (with video) about the lesson I use HERE.
This is one of the most meaningful posters I have in my classroom:
It's a popular Pinterest poster - but the meaning is quite poignant. We are held accountable for our words - and not only our words, but also our tone and our attitude. We need to filter everything we say through this verse. And I think, at the end of the day, we need to speak less and listen more. It will save us a world of trouble in the long run :)
You can download a free one-page printable of the
THINK poster (and many more) in my

Now it's your turn!
(if you'd like to use this template, right click on the picture and copy it. Then paste it into PowerPoint and insert text boxes to add your own details. When you're done, select all, then right click and save as a picture. Then you'll be all set to insert it into your blog post!) 

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