Fuel Your Faith: Impress These Words Upon Their Hearts

Deut 6:6,7 // And These Words // Digital Art Print // 8x10 // Instant Download
This is something I am so passionate about - our faith can't only be lived out on Sunday mornings. We can't seek the Lord one day a week and then blend in with the world the other six. 
God has given us a higher calling. 
We won't change the world for Christ by checking off the little box next to "go to church" or "read one verse daily" - the Gospel needs to change us from the inside out - and then it will be so contagious that we'll have to talk about it! 

I love this quote:
Living the Gospel is like brushing your teeth...trying to do it all on Sunday just doesn't work. It's an every day thing!

Our passion for the things of God will speak to our kids loud and clear. And the opposite is also true. Kids discern our priorities by what we say, the ways in which we choose to spend our time, and how we budget our money. 

I'll leave you with one final thought to pray about:
Are you actively impressing God's Word
upon the hearts of your students?
Jesus the Christ: A Family Study Project-what one family did to study Jesus the Christ by James Talmadge to help their son prepare for his mission. (Automatic #fhe every month for almost a year!) Would also make a great Personal Progress 10-hour project or Duty to God goal.
Now it's your turn!
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