Back to School Product Swap: Fall SCOOT Prepositional Phrases!

I am thrilled to have joined up with some fabulous teacher/bloggers for a...

My partner for this swap was the incredibly talented and sweet Angela from "The Teacher's Desk 6"
The Teacher's Desk 6
I chuckled right out loud when I say that we were matched because she is one of my closest blogging buddies and we've swapped products so many time (without a formal organized linky party). So I thought, "perfect!" 
I perused through her TPT store and had a tough time choosing one of her 251(!) awesome products. I am a SCOOT-lovin' teacher all the way, so when I say this puppy, I was sold!
Prepositions and prepositional phrases are always
 so tricky for my students. I literally teach the same concept 
4 or 5 times a year until it "sticks." 
This packet includes thorough and easy-to-follow directions:
30 SCOOT cards:
and an Answer Key:
This SCOOT game is  both fun and functional. It is truly a print-and-go packet (what teacher doesn't LOVE that?!?) and you can snag it for only $2 $1!!! (Angela has it on SALE for 50% off...
And while you're there, make sure to click the "Follow Me" to stay updated on the new, quality products that Angela posts.

For the SWAP, Angela chose to review my "Horsing Around with Hyperbole" task card packet. You can check out the review {HERE}

Wordless Wednesday: I'm a Laminatin' Fool!

I did a huge laminating run at Lakeshore yesterday:
And yesterday afternoon was spent
cutting, slicing, and trimming!
Do you laminate a little bit at a time
or save up and do a big haul?
{I tend to do BOTH!} :)

Storing and Managing Puzzles in the Classroom {FREEBIE}

Happy Tuesday, blogging buddies!
I am enjoying a wonderful week with my parents
{visiting from New York}
My mom and I have been shopping
{how cute are these shoes?}
Photo: New shoes! #teachersfollowteachers #moreshoes?yesplease!
"This springtime floral pathway is a great example of color that sings. To me as a knitter/crocheter it inspires fiber art jewelry, shawls and wraps!" comment via #KnittingGuru
{aka attacking the weeds in my garden}
Oh yes, the garden looks oh so much more magical when it is weed-free :)! Time to start thinking about this . . . 3 Killer Ways to Get Rid of Weeds Naturally #DIY #GARDENING
and watching some Korean television together
{any other K-Drama fans out there?}
K drama hottie <3 <3

Ok, ok - now onto the real reason for this post :)
Today I am linking up with my bud, Holly, to share a fun and easy way to store, organize, and manage puzzles!

Last year, my students LOVED to do puzzles - but left my collection in shambles. So, at the end of the year, I had some workers (aka staff kids hanging around) put together all of the puzzles and throw out the ones that were missing pieces. (There's nothing worse than working diligently to complete a puzzle and then have three holes in the your masterpiece).
We threw out 75% of my puzzles.
So, I decided to re-stock this summer. 
I bought these puzzles from the Dollar Tree
and the Target $ Spot
Each puzzle comes in a little cardboard box: 
I cut off the top of the box:
I put each puzzle into a zip log and
stapled the cover onto the bag: 
On the back, I put this label:
You can download the labels for FREE here:
I printed them on Shipping Labels (Avery 5164)
For the Word document, you'll need to download
the font KG Be Still and Know
I'm hoping that this will serve as a
reminder to take care of the puzzles.

New House Reveal!

Welcome to our lovely new home!
Here's our kitchen:
I decorated this plain-yet-functional white pantry with
fun and funky wall decals :)
The living room: 
 Here's my latest labor of love: The Craft Room!
And it also doubles as our guest room!
{while my parents are visiting from New York)
I found this sign and absolutely LOVE it!
Here's the hubby's office: 
(we're waiting on a bookshelf to unpack the last of our boxes)
 Here's the hallway towards the back of the house:
Here's the master bedroom:
Here's our woodsy, Pacific-Northwest-themed bathroom:

Phew! Thanks for sticking with me, friends!
This was a ton of work, but I love looking around at our newly-set-up home! It really feels like ours now :)

See what other bloggers have made this week:

Monday Made-It: Bible Interactive Notebook Foldables!

Today I am linking up a long-time labor of love with
Tara from "4th Grade Frolics"
My mind has been consumed with this wonderful project
for quite some time:
This is the packet I am probably MOST EXCITED to create and use in my classroom this year. The packet comes with step-by-step directions for students on every foldable.
Each foldable also has a teacher's page with directions, samples, and a complete answer key (with suggested Bible references)
 Here are some samples of the foldables:
Here's a complete Table of Contents:
Here's a preview of the entire packet:
You can snag all 20 foldables for only $7
Click here to view the packet in my TPT store:
If you purchase the packet THIS WEEK (valid through Friday, August 1st) and leave feedback on the product, I will send you a FREE "Bible Verses for the Christian Walk" Poster Set

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