FREE Easy Create-Your-Own Jeopardy Game

As I mentioned, we're doing an alphabet countdown for the last 26 days of school - and the students are LOVING it! :)
"Q" was Quiz Show Day!
I decided to take questions from previous tests and quizzes throughout the year to see how much the kiddos had retained. And to make it fun, I put the questions to a game - a Jeopardy game, to be exact :)

Now you can make a Jeopardy powerpoint yourself - but it can be quite time-consuming. I found this website, Educational Technology Network, that does the work for you! :)
 Scroll down the screen until you see this:
Then you can choose one of 5 templates. They will begin to download immediately - and they're FREE!

They are completely editable - so you just type in your information and voila! :)
You can fill in different category titles:
 Then in one slide, you type in the desired question. On the next slide, write the answer:
We played it Boys vs. Girls 
I kept score as we clicked through the questions.

The kids loved it - and it was a fun way for me to see what information they retained :)


  1. I am in love with this idea. I can't believe it is free. Thank you for sharing this - I am trying to figure out when I can use it before the end of the year!!

  2. That looks so fun! And a great resource...can't believe it's free! Thanks for sharing... :-)

    The Craft of Teaching

  3. This is a great resource! I know I have spent too much time on the powerpoint versions before so this will definitely come in handy next year! I also LOVE you idea of a countdown to school by using the alphabet. I always have the students make a dictionary, but I am in love with this idea for planning my lessons!

  4. Pinned! I can't wait to explore this website, Jessica! We are doing the ABC countdown too and just had "N" day yesterday. :) Counting down...
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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