Sparking Student Motivation: Let's Make Blood!

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One more week.
One more week.
One more week.
I can do this!

Today I'm linking up with the "Dunkin' Diva" Joanne from "Head Over Heels for Teaching" for her Spark Student Motivation Saturdays linky party!
We're wrapping up our chapter on the Circulatory System in Health Science and the kiddos are loving it! Well, all of them except for the poor sweet boy who has trouble not puking as we discuss veins, arteries, and valves. :)

At the end of the week, we did a mini-unit on blood.
We discussed the flow of blood through our bodies, the function of the different parts of the circulatory system, the different blood types, and what makes up our blood.

Here is a great (short) video I showed that discussed the the four components of blood:
Then I shocked the students by telling them
that we were going to..

(insert excited and/or disgusted squeals here)
This fun project was created by the talented Jessica from "Totally Teaching"
Circulatory System: Parts of the Blood, Candy Activity
The packet includes a student note sheet where they record the four components in our blood (plasma, platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells) and what each component does.
Then we got to creating blood...candy-style :)

We represented plasma with corn syrup (I added red food coloring to make the blood red - more authentic, you know!)
The platelets were red Sprinkles.
The white blood cells were white Tic-Tacs.
The red blood cells were Red Hots.

We added all four components into our cups, stirred it around...AND DRANK THE BLOOD! Eeewwwwww.
As you can imagine, the kiddos loved it. They couldnt wait to go home and tell their parents that they drank blood in school :)

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