WW2 Mentor Text: Number the Stars

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In history, we've been delving deep into World War 2 - by far my students' favorite subject to study. There a lot of excellent books on the topic - here's one...
Number the Star by Lois Lowry (Read a looong time ago, but still it was good!)
Number the Stars by Lois Lowry is an incredible story set in Nazi-occupied Denmark during World War 2. The story's main character, Annemarie, demonstrates great courage in the face of adversity and a changing world.
If you haven't read this book, you must add it to your must-read-this-summer list!

To enrich your study of this novel, I have created a 75-page packet. Everything you need are at you fingertips - simply print, hand out, and watch their comprehension soar!
 This MEGA packet is the perfect supplement to a study of the book, whether you're doing it as a whole-class, a small group (i.e. reading groups or literature circles), or as an individual project. It includes activities for before, during, and after reading that can serve as comprehension assessment, writing prompts, and/or valuable practice determining different story elements.

In addition to all of these awesome story element pages to accompany the book, I have also included three non-fiction passages with reading comprehension questions for each:
Complete answer keys are included
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