Tried-It Tuesday: Teacher Report Cards

Today I'm linking up with my bud, Holly, 
from Fourth Grade Flipper for her
I'm actually cheating today (sorry Holly!) because this isn't something that I've tried...yet!
I'm planning on doing this on the last day of school - but wanted to share it early in case any of you want to try it too! :)

You've spent the year assessing your students - now it's time to hand over the red pen to your students and let them grade you! 
A fun and valuable tool for a reflective teacher, this can both encourage you and challenge you to continually improve your craft.

The packet includes a cover page and an inside page: print the two pages together (double-sided) to create a report card booklet.

This will take some vulnerability - because you know your students will be honest :) But I think it's a worthwhile thing to do.

Click here if you'd like to download it for FREE!


  1. Fabulous idea! I am already out for the summer, but I am going to put this on my to-do list for next year! Thanks Jessica!

    Crofts' Classroom

  2. I did something similar with my students this year, but one student was out to upset me. She wrote extremely rude things, and she must have been proud of what she wrote because she put her name on it. However, the rest of my students gave me good feedback that was honest and from their hearts.

    1. So sorry to hear that :(
      My advice: throw that one away and focus on the rest. As teachers we cannot please everyone, but know that your hard work is appreciated based on the comments from the rest of your students.

  3. What a wonderful idea!
    I think it is SO IMPORTANT that we let the kids speak for themselves and this is the perfect way to do it! A lot of time I may think I am performing a certain way but I may not be and this is a great self checker! This has been my first year to teach and I am always looking for ways to improve myself.
    Thank you so much for sharing!


  4. It takes courage to put yourself out there but I think that it's a great idea! I am add this to my list for next year, since I'm already out.

    Simple Insights

  5. This is a great idea! It does open yourself up to vulnerability but I think it is valuable to hear what the students think. Thank you for the freebie!
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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