Tried-It Tuesday: Class Wonder Wall

Today's post will be a quick one about a really easy idea you can implement in your classroom!
My class is full of curious minds who are constantly thinking beyond the text book - and sometimes beyond my knowledge base! But rather than just answering the question (if I know the answer) or looking it up (if I don't), I have started to put the responsibility to satisfy their curiosity back on the students. 
I post questions the students don’t know the answer to on an “I Wonder” board and have students look them up in an encyclopedia, in the computer lab, or at home.
The next morning, the students need to bring in the answer (written down so they can't just be told the answer by a friend) and they receive a prize (usually tickets)

This week we've been learning about the dictators in Europe before World War 2 and our wonder question was "Are any countries run by a dictator today?" Rather than just tell them the answer, I gave them the chance to do some research at home and bring in the answer.
It's fun, simple, and counteracts the instant gratification mentality - sometimes getting answers requires some work. It's an important lesson that students need to learn :)
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