Sunday Funday: Mothers Day Frames

Happy Sunday, friends!
And to all of who you are blessed to have little ones, Happy Mother's Day! You have the hardest - and most rewarding - job on the planet.
Speaking of Mothers Day, I'm linking up with Molly and Deidre for their Sunday Funday linky party!
Here's something fun we did this week...
My students wanted to make something special for their moms - something homemade that their moms would appreciate, so we decided on decorating picture frames. I snagged them at Michaels for only a buck! 
The first day we just painted them and let them dry over night. Then the next day the kids got to decorating! They designed with glitter glue and then placed some fake flowers where they wanted them on the frame. While they were watching Pilgrim's Progress Journey to Heaven (awesome movie, by the way!), I went around with the hot glue gun and glued down the flowers.
Then, in the frames we put these pictures:
We made some booklets to go along with the frames, filled with reasons why we loved our moms! I just know they must have been a big hit this morning when the kiddos gave them to their hard-working moms!

Speaking of...
To my dear friend, adventure buddy, shopping partner, and advice-giver - 
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
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