Wordless Wednesday: New Hair Cut!

Do you change up our hairstyle often or do you generally stick with the same look?


  1. Looks great Jessica! I change my hair a lot! I go through phases of growing it long and then chopping it off. I also color it various shades of red. :)

    I {Heart} Recess

  2. LOVE IT!!!!

    The left looks like you could be one of my middle school students!!!!

    Hodges Herald

  3. Cute! I'm a creature of habit, normally ;)

  4. Looks great! I don't normally do anything crazy to my hair....but I do try to style it based off of my pins on pinterest.

    Mind Sparks

  5. Very cute cut! I love changing my hair up...I'm like a chameleon! I always say hair grows back!
    Endeavors in Education

  6. I LOVE your new do! I use to change my hair a lot when I was younger, new colors, new styles. Now, I do NOTHING to it, literally. Mother Nature has frosted it nicely. LOL! It's a little longer than shoulder length and I pin it up or put it in a plain braid or pony tail. When it gets a little too long. I whack off a length of the pony tail.

    Have a great week!


  7. It looks adorable! I am a lot of the same around here! I'm bored of my hair, but am not so great at different styles. Summer is coming so I'm sure I'll be chopping some off!
    A Burst of First

  8. Looks awesome!!
    I tried being dramatic and changing my hair once, and HATED it for the next 6 months. Immediately regretted what I did, so now I'm a creature of habit. I have a cut/colour that looks good so I keep going with it! The length varies slightly, but overall it's the same look.

    Learning to be awesome

  9. Love the new cut! I change my hair cut/style every year or two. But, I change the color by season. Blonde highlights for spring and summer. Redish brown for fall and winter.

  10. My hairstylist laughs at me. Every time I come in with a "new" hairstyle, she tells me it looks just like the one I already have. The only thing that really changes is the length (only slightly) and once in awhile a few highlights.

  11. Your hair is adorable. I stick with the same look, it is a pony tail, I am very low maintenance.
    Frampton's FUNdamentals

  12. Love it! Love it! Love it!
    Having curly hair, I have to work with it and can't do some of those funky hairstyles. So I stick with long layers but go from short to long. Now, I'm in the long phase. Since I'm in Korea, I don't know if I'm keen on getting a new do while I'm here. But who knows?
    Southern Fried Teachin’


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