Tried-It Tuesday: Art, Matisse-style!

With our Art Docent (a fabulous mom who volunteers to come and teach art twice a month), we have been studying the great artists from history. 

Click HERE to see our fun activity, Michaelangelo-style:

This week we moved away from the "Ninja Turtles" as my students called them :) and learned about the interesting life of Henri Matisse.
Henri Matisse. Photo: Gisèle Freund.
After learning some background information about this famous artist, the kiddos studied different pieces of his artwork. Then we pulled out the art supplies and got busy!
(I'm linking this fun idea up with my friend, Holly, for her "Tried it Tuesday" linky)

My Art Docent found this fun idea from:

Matisse is well-known for his dancers and the juxtaposition of the human bodies from the background. So we decided to replicate his style and create our own dancers:
First we took scraps of brightly colored construction paper and covered an entire piece of white paper. 
Then each student cut black paper to create their "dancers" - each body part was cut out separately.
After the bodies were glued down, the students added clothes, hair, and various other extras!
 Didn't they turn out wonderfully?!?
I have a pretty reluctant group of artists this year, but they dove right into the project and loved it!

I'll end this post with a great quote by Matisse:
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