Living History Museum

Social Studies has always been one of my favorite things to teach - I love learning about past events and people that have shaped both our country and our world.
I love reading historical fiction books to my students, because it makes the past come alive in fresh ways.
This year my students LOVE history! Love it as in they are chomping at the bit to get to it each afternoon and they groan when we finish our reading section. It makes this little teacher's heart very happy :)

I'm linking up with my buddy, Joanne, from
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Today I want to share an idea that was a BIG HIT this week!
It took a lot of prep work, but my students had the opportunity to shine in our 5th Grade Living History Museum!
Here's how it works:
 Here are some pictures from the exciting day!
We set up around the gym, "frozen" in our places. 
The top picture shows the first parents coming in, getting a sneak peek before the invited classes came (bottom picture).
 Here are some of my "famous Americans"
The kiddos did such a FABULOUS job!!!
Their costumes and props were well-thought-out and their speeches were informative, interesting, and engaging! I think they surprised themselves with how much they could accomplish with some hard work, time, and diligence.

This was such a MOTIVATING project as it made history come alive to the students - it was so much more engaging than just reading a book and doing a simple book report. I guarantee that these students will remember facts about their person long after fifth grade :)

Have you done something to motivate your students learning lately? Hop on over to Joanne's page to link up! :)

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