Fuel Your Faith: Unity

It's that time again - time to share something that has
FUELED our FAITH this week!
My hard-working kiddos just finished their standardized tests-and were such troopers! 
We tested each morning - and then in the afternoon we did a special curriculum called Legacy, which is a discussion-based, activity-infused curriculum that teaches kids about biblical character, unity in friendships, gender roles, and developing godly relationships.

You can read more about it here:
The Legacy Institute

Today's verse comes from the lesson on unity:
We had a great discussion about the Trinity and tried to grapple with the difficult concept of a God who is 3-in-1. Here's an image I gave my students:
Then we created these shields to illustrate how we are one because we're created by God. 

Once we've received the gift of salvation, we are unified in Christ.

Now it's your turn!
(if you'd like to use this template, right click on the picture and copy it. Then paste it into PowerPoint and insert text boxes to add your own details. When you're done, select all, then right click and save as a picture. Then you'll be all set to insert it into your blog post!)

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