Tried It Tuesday: Review Sheets

Hello friends!
Today I want to share a quick idea that I started doing with my class this year...REVIEW SHEETS!
You may be thinking... "duh, tons of teachers use review sheets!"
And yes, you would be correct.
Many teachers hand out review sheets before test day so that the kiddos know what to focus on when preparing for the test.

But my trick is that I hand them out
on the day that we START the unit!

On the first day of each science or social studies unit,
I hand out a review sheet
(they are always green for science and yellow for social studies).

Then as we go through the chapter each day, we fill in the definitions, answer short answer questions, and label diagrams on the review sheet.
The day before a quiz, I have the students highlight key information that needs to be studied.
Then, by the end of the unit, they have filled out the review sheet and have only to go home and review what they've already written down. The completed review sheet is turned in on test day as a completion grade. 

And sometimes, as a bonus, I let the kids use their review sheets on the test - it rewards those who have been faithfully filling in the correct, complete answers as we go :)

Voila! A simple, easy-to-implement strategy that keeps the information fresh and relevant throughout the unit - plus it cuts down on my kiddos feeling panicky and cramming the night before the test.

What have you TRIED recently? Link up your tips and tricks with Holly over at Fourth Grade Flipper!

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