Tried-It Tuesday: Guidelines for Group Work

Like I've mentioned before, I change the desk arrangement in my classroom quite a bit. 
This week we're trying a new experiment: four groups of six students. 
We've been in partners and in pods for the last couple of months, so our new seats was super exciting for my kiddos. But with excitement sometimes comes chatty chaos :)
I gave them an assignment to work together to solve a problem - and only one of groups worked together to get it done. The other three were unorganized, chatty, and argumentative.

Thus, a time for a life lesson presented itself...
{I'm linking this idea up with Holly from Fourth Grade Flipper}

We worked together to compile a list
of guidelines for working in groups:
I jotted down ideas as they shared them - this was (almost) completely student driven.
I hung it on my whiteboard as a visual reminder.

This was an extension of an activity we did
at the beginning of the year:
You can grab your own copy HERE for FREE!
I have created the poster in five different templates :)
I hope this helps to motivate your kiddos to work well together while developing their team-building skills.
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