Tried-It Tuesday: Are Your Parents Really Reading Your Newsletter?

Happy Tuesday!
Today I'm linking up an idea I tried with my friend, Holly, from Fourth Grade Flipper
Do you send home a weekly newsletter to your parents?
I always have - I think it's a great way to keep parents updated with what's going on in the classroom and answer general questions. At this new school I'm teaching in, we're required to have a weekly newsletter. All week long the office will send us important updates or information that needs to be included in the newsletter.

This year my newsletter is called 
"Travel Tales"
I include the pages/lessons we'll be covering that week, as well as the Bible verse, and important upcoming dates. I send it home (on blue paper) every Friday in the students' Friday File, which contains all of their graded work from the week, as well as any important school information.

But here's the thing: my teaching partner and I were getting the feeling that our parents weren't reading the newsletter - at least not thoroughly. So we decided to try a little experiment:

In our last newsletter we put a little line in the middle of the paragraph in the newsletter that said "as a special treat for reading this newsletter carefully, cut off the top (the part that says Travel Tales) and send it in on Monday to earn a special treat for your student."

On Monday, I received...
 3 back! 
Out of 24, only 3 were reading carefully :)

So, as a special treat, I awarded those three students a free homework pass (highly coveted) and a lollipop

Needless to say, I think the students and parents will be reading each line more carefully from now on - because I've promised to do this again...sometime :)
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