Personal Narratives Writing Project

Do your kids like to write?

My students have half and half - some love it...
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some would rather have a root canal :)
So, when you can't think of anything to write, look up cat memes made by other people who also have no idea what to write.
I went to a writing workshop today at my teaching conference and it gave some excellent tips when it comes to teaching writing:
1. Break it into small bites - instead of focusing your students on the final product, break the process down into small steps they can handle. This will help to keep them from getting overwhelmed.
2. Make it concrete - give them real-life situations to write (writing letters that will be read, sharing their published work with others, etc.)
3. Use technology to engage them
4. Enjoy the journey

Writing is a PROCESS and in this culture of instant gratification it can be hard to train your students to WORK for SOMETHING! But it's an important life lesson and one that is worth your time to teach.

We all teach our students the writing process - and I have taken this last tip and put a little spin on the writing process to show my students that a process is a journey...
Packet includes 5 posters in both Color and B&W
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Now, onto the real meat of this post:

We recently finished up a writing project that my students really enjoyed.

What do students like talking and writing about more than anything else?
So when they were asked to write a personal narrative about an important moment in their lives, we got right to work.
Each student brainstormed a list of important events in his life.
Then he chose one event and wrote as many details as he could about that day.
Once the rough drafts were written, we switched with partners to revise and proof-read. 
Finally, we published our pieces, putting them together in big books and sharing them with the class.
Here are some examples from my students:
I had them design a front and back cover and then glue their story and the "About the Author" section on the inside :)

I've created a FUN, ENGAGING, and HASSLE-FREE packet for you to use to walk your students step-by-step through the process of writing a personal narrative. 
Here's a preview of what's included...
Plus the packet includes my Writing Journey posters! :)
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