Mathematical Monday: Shamrock Subtraction SCOOT!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, friends!
Happy St Patrick's Day!
While I am 0% Irish, I am married to someone who is Irish through and through, so I'm pretending for the sake of this celebration :)

In my classroom, we're going to be sprinkling St. Patrick's Day activities through the week, so stay tuned for more ideas and activities.

One quick game that we played today was Shamrock SCOOT!
You know by now that I (and my kiddos!) love playing SCOOT! Anything that is out of our normal routine excites them - and the opportunity to move around the room while working on math? Super motivating! 
 I put one task card on each desk and set the timer for 10 seconds - these math facts should be done mentally and quickly for my fifth graders. Then, I just put the answer key up on the projector and the kids grade their own tracking sheets - it gives them immediate feedback and once I collect the papers, I can (at a glance) see who needs more work on their mental math skills.

You can snag this packet for only $2

And then for my friends in Primary Land, I modified the game for your youngins :) 
You can also snag this packet for only $2.

I'm linking these fun, engaging, hassle-free, print-and-go activities up with my bud, Jess, from I {Heart} Recess for her Mathematical Monday linky:
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