Fuel Your Faith: God LONGS For You

Happy Sunday, friends!
Well I am a couple days late for my weekly "Fuel Your Faith," but this week was a hectic one. Better late than never, right? :)
Today's Fuel for Thought comes from the book of Isaiah:
I love exclamation points - and insert them in daily conversation quite often! :) So when a Bible verse has them, I feel like God is speaking directly into my heart, pointing out something that is important and noteworthy. We are promised blessing if we wait upon the Lord and align our desires up with His.

Now it's your turn!

Also, on a separate note, I am linking up with my buddies, Diedre from "A Burst of First" and Molly from "Lucky to be in First" for their Sunday Funday linky party:

My hubby and I just ran out to buy Catching Fire and are now settling in for a Hunger Games marathon!
In honor of this awesome series, I will be giving away a FREE copy of my Hunger Games Novel Study Packet:

I'd love to GIVE AWAY a free packet - so let's play 

Here's what you do: pin one of the pictures from this blog post on Pinterest. Then click the "See it now" button and copy the URL of your pin. Paste the URL in a comment on this post - and don't forget to leave your e-mail address! I'll pick a winner tomorrow night at 8pm PST!
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