A Week of St. Patrick's Day Fun!

Today I want to share some fun activities that we did last week to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!
Looking for FUN & ENGAGING St. Patrick's Day activities to use in your upper elementary classroom? Check out this blog post, chocked full of fun ideas - most of them free! Plan a St. Patrick's Day your students will not forget!
I hope you can use some in your upper elementary classroom - or even with your own kiddos :)

We Treasure Our Classmates
St. Patrick's day felt right during our study of adjectives, so I thought this idea (adapted from activity from Amanda of Collaboration Cuties) would be perfect. Each student drew the name of a classmate and was given a gold coin. On that coin, they wrote three kind adjectives to encourage that classmate: 
And then we thought we would make one for our Principal - just to brighten his day :)
He loved it!

Blessed to be Family
Secondly, we took the project "Lucky to be a Family Shamrocks" 
(made by Denise at Sunny Days in Second Grade)
FREE Lucky to be a Family Shamrock Project
and slightly adapted it...
As a class,we discussed how a lot of people talk about luck around St. Patrick's Day. Then we discussed how, as Christians, we believe that God is in control and that nothing happens just because of luck. So we filled out shamrocks about our families and the reasons we're BLESSED to be a part of our family.
Here are some of the shamrocks:

More than Gold
A celebration of St. Patrick's Day also focuses on treasure. So we put a little spin on the idea and wrote about WHO (rather than what) we treasure.
This idea is FREE from Lindsey at The Teacher Wife.

Shamrock SCOOT!
One quick game that we played today was Shamrock SCOOT!
You know by now that I (and my kiddos!) love playing SCOOT! Anything that is out of our normal routine excites them - and the opportunity to move around the room while working on math? Super motivating! 

Because our seats are in table groups this month, traditional SCOOT is a little bit harder than usual, so I taped the cards up around the classroom and the kiddos went on a Scavenger Hunt:
At the end of 5 minutes, the kiddos returned to their seats and I put up the answer key:

I also have a Shamrock SCOOT for younger kiddos - Simple Subtraction Shamrock SCOOT
Green Competition:
We also had a competition for who could wear the most green. 
These two cuties won:
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