Workshop Wednesday: Walking through Word Problems

Today my buddy, Jivey, is asking for ideas on how to work out trick math concepts with your kiddos.
If your students are anything like mine, then they cheer and clap when they have to work on word problems.

Word problems are tricky for students for a variety of reasons:
*they include words :)
*they often call for higher level thinking
*they are often multi-step problems
*they sometimes contain unnecessary information

To help my kiddos overcome their fear and aversion to word problems, we wrote down some steps to help make solving them more manageable.

There are a bunch of great anchor charts on Pinterest that explain important steps:
Working 4 the Classroom: Classroom Anchor Charts and Posters teachers-place

After looking around and incorporating these strategies in the classroom, I decided to make an interactive packet that would help to solidify these skills:

The packet includes 6 word problems that ask the student to:
*Cross out any unnecessary information
*Identify the operation needed (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division)
*Show their work
*Solve the problem
*Write the answer with the correct label

The packet includes student activity sheets that need to be copied for each student:
This way, the students can follow along as you walk them through the problems with the presentation pages (provided in the packet)

In the presentation, each problem is copied:
so you can discuss the problem with the class and talk through the strategies. 

Then the next page shows the answers:

I did the first couple with my class, and then let them work on the last ones on their own. I showed the answer slides so they could have immediate feedback. It was fun and very informative as I was able to quickly look out and assess who was using the strategies and answering the questions correctly and who was still struggling with deciding what information was necessary.

If you'd like this packet for test prep, you can check it out here: Walking Through Word Problems.
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