Names of God Alphabet Cards

Happy Tuesday, friends!
Well, I hate to rub it in, but..
And what makes it even more special, my mom flew in from New York to spend the week with me! We have been busy shopping, eating, baking, crafting, and she's even helped me with a couple of TPT products :)
Now these aren't exactly new things that I've TRIED for the first time, so I won't be linking them up with Holly this week :) 
What I do want to share about, on the other hand, is a new product I've created for my classroom...
It's a set of Alphabet Cards, each one featuring
a different name of God:
Each card has a name of God
with a Bible reference to support it:

The packet includes 26 cards 
(one for each letter of the alphabet)
in both Color and B&W. 
In my classroom, I have printed out the color cards and will display them above my white board as a reference. 
I also printed the black and white cards (on bright green paper!) and will use them at a Bible center.
If you would like to use these cards with your classroom, your Sunday School group, or even your own students, you can grab them HERE!

Hop on over to Fourth Grade Flipper to share what you've
TRIED this week :)
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