Mathematical Monday: Order of Operations

I have been working with a small group of my strongest math students and we've had such a blast trying higher-order thinking brain boosters :)

The last couple of weeks we've gotten our feet wet with 
Order of Operations
It's not explicitly taught in my 5th grade curriculum, but as these bright kiddos could probably finish their math books without my help, I thought I would look to the 6th and 7th grade standards for some ideas on how to challenge and enrich them. 

The concept was completely new to them, so we discussed the idea of Order of Operations and why it's needed to solve math problems:
Then we went over the famous acronym for remembering 
Remembering order of operation
I found this cute poster on Pinterest - it's a photo only.

I also found this super cute freebie from
"For the Love of Teaching Math"
Classroom Freebies: Order of Operations Ideas and a Freebie
Then it was time to put our knowledge to the test!
Because my kiddos are LOVING the Olympics right now, we used a page from Diane's fun (and FREE!) "Winter Games History" Olympic Order of Operations
Winter Games History - Differentiated Order of Operations
Then, because my smarties were really into Order of Operations, but still needing a lot of support and instruction, I created a FUN, ENGAGING, and INTERACTIVE packet to supplement my instruction of Order of Operations.
Here's a preview of the entire 22-page packet:
One of the coolest features of this product 
(if I do say so, myself!)
is the differentiated aspect.
I have included three different activities (A, B, and C)
that increase in difficulty.
You can give different versions to different groups of students or you can walk your whole class through each page, increasing in difficulty as they deepen their math skills.
~You can snag this packet for only $4!~

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