Fuel Your Faith Friday: Finding Satisfaction

Happy Friday, friends!
This has been quite a week in my classroom, filled with winter activities, test reviews, lively discussions, and impromptu lessons on building character and honoring the Lord with our behavior.

I've come to this conclusion:
Fifth grade is a hard year to be a kid.
Hormones are messing everything up, peer pressure is really kicking in, and the workload is getting so much harder: No wonder these kids are feeling their insides are being pulled in so many directions!

But while it's a hard year, it's such a crucial year.

My kiddos are making decisions right now that are going to shape them: who they spend their time with, how they treat their parents, whether or not they do their homework, etc. Now when I tell them that, most of them just stare at me with a deer in a headlights look, but by now the truth of that is starting to sink in.

I have been burdened this week more than ever to pray for my students: pray for their hearts to be sensitive, for the brave choices that they need to make to live out their lives for Christ, and for them to find lasting satisfaction in their relationships with God.

So without further adieu, here is what the Lord has placed
on my heart to share this week:

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