Fuel Your Faith Friday: Finding Satisfaction

Happy Friday, friends!
This has been quite a week in my classroom, filled with winter activities, test reviews, lively discussions, and impromptu lessons on building character and honoring the Lord with our behavior.

I've come to this conclusion:
Fifth grade is a hard year to be a kid.
Hormones are messing everything up, peer pressure is really kicking in, and the workload is getting so much harder: No wonder these kids are feeling their insides are being pulled in so many directions!

But while it's a hard year, it's such a crucial year.

My kiddos are making decisions right now that are going to shape them: who they spend their time with, how they treat their parents, whether or not they do their homework, etc. Now when I tell them that, most of them just stare at me with a deer in a headlights look, but by now the truth of that is starting to sink in.

I have been burdened this week more than ever to pray for my students: pray for their hearts to be sensitive, for the brave choices that they need to make to live out their lives for Christ, and for them to find lasting satisfaction in their relationships with God.

So without further adieu, here is what the Lord has placed
on my heart to share this week:

Fuel Your Faith and Five for Friday

Happy Friday, friends!
This is a bittersweet day for me: while I love a good Friday,
this is also my last day of Winter Break, which has been wonderfully refreshing!
Speaking of feeling refreshment, here's this week's
"Fuel Your Faith":

Here's a re-cap of what else I've been up to this week:
Like most of the world, I've been thoroughly enjoying the winter Olympics! We watch more TV during the Olympics than anytime else - I love me some figure skating! :)
Olympics. This will be our house very soon. Forget the super bowl, come on Sochi!
Meryl Davis and Charlie White...Ice Dancing Pair Gold!!  Making History In Sochi As The 1st American Pair To Score The Top Honor!!  (Gotta Love Their Best Friend Moms, Too!!)!!

My Mom flew in from New York to spend the week with me and we have had such a phenomenal time! We have done our fair share of shopping this week - my closet is very full with new treasures!
Here are some of my favorite spots we went to:
Working in the Classroom
This week I also put my mom to work for a morning in the classroom :) She helped me set up a new bookshelf (my history and historical fiction now have a new home!) and put up my new Names of God alphabet cards above my whiteboard:

Check out the alphabet HERE :)

New Products:
I took advantage of these days off to cross off some things on my ever-growing TPT to-do list! Click on the pictures below to read about my newest MATH products:
And if you're planning ahead for St. Patrick's Day, here's a grammar FREEBIE for you!

If you download it, please leave feedback! :)

(Visit TBA for more FREEBIES!)

My cute buddy, Molly, from "Lucky to be in First" is hosting a giveaway to celebrate her first blogiversary!

I've donated a winners choice from my TPT store plus there are dozens of all other products to win - hop on over and enter NOW! :)

Workshop Wednesday: Walking through Word Problems

Today my buddy, Jivey, is asking for ideas on how to work out trick math concepts with your kiddos.
If your students are anything like mine, then they cheer and clap when they have to work on word problems.

Word problems are tricky for students for a variety of reasons:
*they include words :)
*they often call for higher level thinking
*they are often multi-step problems
*they sometimes contain unnecessary information

To help my kiddos overcome their fear and aversion to word problems, we wrote down some steps to help make solving them more manageable.

There are a bunch of great anchor charts on Pinterest that explain important steps:
Working 4 the Classroom: Classroom Anchor Charts and Posters teachers-place

After looking around and incorporating these strategies in the classroom, I decided to make an interactive packet that would help to solidify these skills:

The packet includes 6 word problems that ask the student to:
*Cross out any unnecessary information
*Identify the operation needed (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division)
*Show their work
*Solve the problem
*Write the answer with the correct label

The packet includes student activity sheets that need to be copied for each student:
This way, the students can follow along as you walk them through the problems with the presentation pages (provided in the packet)

In the presentation, each problem is copied:
so you can discuss the problem with the class and talk through the strategies. 

Then the next page shows the answers:

I did the first couple with my class, and then let them work on the last ones on their own. I showed the answer slides so they could have immediate feedback. It was fun and very informative as I was able to quickly look out and assess who was using the strategies and answering the questions correctly and who was still struggling with deciding what information was necessary.

If you'd like this packet for test prep, you can check it out here: Walking Through Word Problems.

Names of God Alphabet Cards

Happy Tuesday, friends!
Well, I hate to rub it in, but..
And what makes it even more special, my mom flew in from New York to spend the week with me! We have been busy shopping, eating, baking, crafting, and she's even helped me with a couple of TPT products :)
Now these aren't exactly new things that I've TRIED for the first time, so I won't be linking them up with Holly this week :) 
What I do want to share about, on the other hand, is a new product I've created for my classroom...
It's a set of Alphabet Cards, each one featuring
a different name of God:
Each card has a name of God
with a Bible reference to support it:

The packet includes 26 cards 
(one for each letter of the alphabet)
in both Color and B&W. 
In my classroom, I have printed out the color cards and will display them above my white board as a reference. 
I also printed the black and white cards (on bright green paper!) and will use them at a Bible center.
If you would like to use these cards with your classroom, your Sunday School group, or even your own students, you can grab them HERE!

Hop on over to Fourth Grade Flipper to share what you've
TRIED this week :)

Mathematical Monday: Order of Operations

I have been working with a small group of my strongest math students and we've had such a blast trying higher-order thinking brain boosters :)

The last couple of weeks we've gotten our feet wet with 
Order of Operations
It's not explicitly taught in my 5th grade curriculum, but as these bright kiddos could probably finish their math books without my help, I thought I would look to the 6th and 7th grade standards for some ideas on how to challenge and enrich them. 

The concept was completely new to them, so we discussed the idea of Order of Operations and why it's needed to solve math problems:
Then we went over the famous acronym for remembering 
Remembering order of operation
I found this cute poster on Pinterest - it's a photo only.

I also found this super cute freebie from
"For the Love of Teaching Math"
Classroom Freebies: Order of Operations Ideas and a Freebie
Then it was time to put our knowledge to the test!
Because my kiddos are LOVING the Olympics right now, we used a page from Diane's fun (and FREE!) "Winter Games History" Olympic Order of Operations
Winter Games History - Differentiated Order of Operations
Then, because my smarties were really into Order of Operations, but still needing a lot of support and instruction, I created a FUN, ENGAGING, and INTERACTIVE packet to supplement my instruction of Order of Operations.
Here's a preview of the entire 22-page packet:
One of the coolest features of this product 
(if I do say so, myself!)
is the differentiated aspect.
I have included three different activities (A, B, and C)
that increase in difficulty.
You can give different versions to different groups of students or you can walk your whole class through each page, increasing in difficulty as they deepen their math skills.
~You can snag this packet for only $4!~

I'm linking this idea up with Erin from "I'm Lovin Lit" for her Thursday Throw Down linky party - hop on over to check out more INTERACTIVE ideas! :) 
I'm also linking these fun Order of Operations ideas with my bud, Jess from I Heart Recess, for her Mathematical Monday linky party! Check out her blog for other fun math ideas and activities!

Fuel Your Faith Fridays

Happy Friday, everyone! 
I'm so excited because today I am launching a new linky party called 
"Fuel Your Faith"
Each Friday I will share something that I have read, heard, or pondered that has challenged or encouraged my faith that week. As today is Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fitting to share a verse on LOVE.
Here's my FUELING for this week:
I found this image on Pinterest and loved the simple message and artistic design: 
Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil, hold fast to what is good. ~ Romans 12:9
I think I'm going to frame this!

 I would love for you to join me and link up! It doesn't need to be a lengthy sermon - just a small tidbit that can encourage and build us up as teachers, wives, mothers, and Christians.
Here's a graphic if you'd like to use it:
You can use it (right click to copy, paste it in PowerPoint, add your own text, and then select everything, right click to "Save as Picture) or you can just type your own post and link up! 
I hope you will prayerfully consider joining me each week as we seek to Fuel Our Faith! :)
Teaching (and life in general!) can be hectic and this can be a good time to reflect on what really matters and dig deep into God's word.

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