WHO Do You Want To Be in 2014?

Happy Saturday, friends!
Phew, what a week! This little teacher was oh-so-ready for the weekend, that's for sure.
I was ready for the kids to be a little bit zany as we returned from winter break, but I wasn't prepared for the challenge that this week proved to be. The kiddos certainly needed some time to re-adjust to being back in school - and I'm praying that next week runs smoother!

Here are some of the highlights from our first week back:
1. WHO Do You Want to Be in 2014?
So many times my students are asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" And more than any other class, these students just don't know. I find that the question really stresses them out. So, I decided to take a different approach.
My favorite activity of the week focused in on WHO the students want to be, not only what.
I showed them my example:
And then I gave them time to brainstorm adjectives that they would want to describe them:
They did a phenomenal job - and it was so motivating as they considered how they want to be known by others and how they can serve God with their attitudes.
I am linking up this idea with my buddy, Joanne, for her Spark Student Motivation Saturdays linky. It was simple to prepare for, easy for the kids to complete, and oh-so-meaningful! 
2. Ringing in the New Year
We discussed the tradition of setting resolutions. Each student wrote three goals on a bell:
Here's a look at our complete 2014 Bulletin Board:
  3. Good-bye December, Hello January
To welcome January, we did a fun poetry activity. The students compared and contrasted December with January and then wrote statements about each:
4. 2014
I gave them Rachel Lamb's New Year Foldable to complete, and they really enjoyed doing it! It gave them guidance as to what specifically they can work on this year.
5. It's Snow Secret, We've Got a Great School! 
A third grade teacher in my school was "pinspired" :) to create a bulletin board entitled, "It's Snow Secret, We've Got a Great School!" She had each class write different reasons why our school rocks! The reasons went on snowflakes and are hung down the hallways! Here are what some of my kiddos wrote:

Well, that pretty much sums up my week!
Happy weekend, friends!
I am praying diligently that my sweet and obedient students return next week - they seem to have gotten lost over winter break and I'm ready to have them back! :)
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