Welcome 2014! Currently and a New Years Freebie

Happy New Year everyone! :)
 Happy New Year! #2014
Here's what I'm CURRENTLY up to...
Listening: This week I have been watching season 3 of Downton Abbey is preparation for season 4 starting on Sunday!
Loving: Hubby and I are indulging in delicious cinnamon rolls this morning. We're resolving to eat healthier...tomorrow :)
Thinking: 2013 was certainly a year of change for our little family: hubby graduated from NYU grad school and then got a job that moved us on a coast-to-coast adventure from northern New Jersey to Seattle, Washington!
Wanting: I have a goal this year to read 25 books - grown up books, that is :)
stack of books says love
Needing: Confession time: I love putting up my Christmas decorations, but I despise taking them down.While I put away my Santas and trees, I do keep out my snowmen decor - I feel that they are suitable until Valentine's Day :)
Needle Felted wool Snowman - #holiday #decor
Memory/Tradition: Each Christmas Eve our home church in New York does a beautiful candle light service. This year was extra Christmas-card-esque as the snow was falling in big flakes as we drove around and looked at the luminaries lit throughout my in-law's neighborhood.

To celebrate a brand new year, full of potential, I have created a FREEBIE for you to enjoy with your children and/or students:

You can pick and choose which activities to do throughout the day as a whole class, it can be a station at a literacy or math center, or it can be a take-home assignment on which the students receive points for each box they complete.

Click HERE to snag your FREE 14 Activities to Welcome 2014!
If you download it, please leave feedback :)


  1. Hi! Coming over from Farley's Currently series! :) As much as I've heard about Downtown Abbey, I've never watched it!

  2. I hear you about taking down the Christmas decorations! We took ours own this morning in one fell swoop so that procrastination would not take hold. I agree that the snowmen can definitely stay out - I keep out a few snowflake-themed items until February.

    I also love the Christmas Eve candlelight service at our church - your photo of the luminaries is gorgeous!

    Have a terrific 2014!

  3. You'll love season 4! I wont spoil it for you, but there is A LOT going on in it!! So love me some Downton Abbey!!
    Learning to be Awesome

  4. Hmmm, maybe I need to have Downton Abbey marathon to get ready for Sunday. Such a good idea! Can’t wait for the new season!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  5. I love Downton Abbey - can not wait for the new season - Sunday night t.v. adds to my love/hate relationship with Sunday nights. Love your MIL's neighborhood - those lights are beautiful. Happy 2014!!

  6. I must be a sucker for some good lights because I am loving that picture of the luminaries, and I love the candlelight service we attend on Christmas Eve as well. Hope your 2014 is as good to you as 2013 seems to have been!

  7. We didn't put out nearly as many Christmas decorations as we usually do, because the thought of putting them away was just too much for me!
    What a beautiful scene!
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun 


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