Tried-It Tuesday: Holiday Re-Cap

Cause for celebration...
I survived the first day back! :)
My students were surprising well-behaved.
Mostly due to the fact that they were sleeeepy :)
Today I'm linking up with my bud,
Holly, from Fourh Grade Flipper,
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This is an activity that I use when students return from Christmas break. They are always *bursting* with stories to tell of their Christmas adventures and the coolest toy they received. And I want to hear their stories, to appreciate the "treasures" they got for Christmas, and to show that I'm interested in what is important to them. But I needed a way to manage their stories in a non-chaotic way :)

The students fill in details from their break in this graphic organizer:
After the students have filled in their graphic organizers, then they turn the sentences into a story about their Christmas break. They are really motivated because it's a fun topic and they all have lots to write about since it's an immediate memory. I have them do a rough draft, peer edit one another's stories, and write a final draft. Then they share their stories with the class - it helps to keep their thoughts organized and their stories (somewhat) succinct :)
Here are some examples of the final pages: 
This packet is available for purchase in my TPT store, but I would love to give it away to my loyal blog readers. So if you would like a FREE copy of the Holiday Re-Cap, then please leave a comment with your e-mail address and one of your favorite read-alouds that you use in January or February. It's that simple! Thanks for being a wonderful support, my friends!
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