"Today is Wonderful Because..." Board

I love teaching fifth grade.
While some find 10 and 11-year-old "preteens" difficult, I count myself lucky to be able to invest my life in them.

Now, fifth graders are not always huggy and fuzzy.
Not always thrilled about waking up and coming to school.
Not always naturally optimistic and happy-go-lucky.
...So, I decided to put into practice a small exercise to get them to focus on the positive parts of each day :)

And hence, a 
"Today is Wonderful Because..." 
board was created!
I found this idea from "The Happy Teacher" and instantly knew it was something I wanted to implement in my classroom. 
I printed out the template page, laminated it (so I can write on it in dry erase marker and erase it easily each day), and hung it so you see it as soon as you walk through the door.

Here are some of the wonderful reasons
we've found to celebrate:

My students are pretty conscientious about turning in their homework, but rarely do I have a day where everyone turns in every homework item. When it does happen, it's a cause for celebration!
My students earn "Frequent Flyer Miles"
as a whole-class incentive.
When they earn 10 airplanes, we have a party!

Read more about that here.

 One of my sweet girls had to have sinus surgery and was out for a week. We showered her with love when she returned - I think she was honored to make our "Wonderful Board" :)

And today, the boys in my class demanded that this be our reason... 
My students could not be more ecstatic! 

Russel Wilson is the MAN! :)

Look at this display at my local grocery store:

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