Sparking TEACHER Motivation: Data Tracking, Pens, and a Giveaway!

Good morning, friends!
My buddy, Joanne, from "Head Over Heels for Teaching" hosts a fun weekly linky party called "Spark Student Motivation Saturdays"
Today I'm going to do a little spin on this linky {I don't think Joanne will mind} and share with you some things that spark motivation in this little TEACHER :)

First of all, our second quarter ended yesterday. That card time! dun dun dun! :)
It also means a half-day with the kiddos and then a full afternoon in my classroom, entering grades, grading final missing odds and ends from absent students, and getting myself organized for the next quarter. I feel like I get so much accomplished on these half-days. I was telling my husband how much I enjoy half working in the classroom without the students (about how much I get done!) and he told me...
that I should become a janitor. 
They get to work in classrooms without kids every day.

Anyways, back to what motivates me...
Data Tracking
Once my report card grades are ready to be posted, I do some data tracking to see my students' progress in each subject from one quarter to the next.
I record each student's average (number and letter) for each subject. Then at the top, I have written the class average in each subject.
This was from the first quarter:
And now I can compare it with the second quarter.
Easy info at a glance that I can use to see where the students are excelling, which subjects they found more difficult from one quarter to the next, and it helps me to reflect on possible causes for changes, either up or down:
*easier/more difficult material
*the types of lessons I used
*the technology I integrated (or didn't integrate)
*the tutoring available (and if the students took advantage of it)
*the study aids I provided

In the end, it's just numbers, but it gives me some
motivation going forward...

My dear blogging buddy, Diane, from "Fifth in the Middle" sent me a lovely Christmas care package and inside were these babies:
triplus® fineliner 334
They're STAEDTLER Triplus Fineliner pens and...
They are the most amazing fine-tipped pens EVER!
Note: I did not draw this, but if beautiful magic like this can come from a pen, it must be amazing!
I have been using them to write EVERYTHING! I have nightmares of them running out of ink :)
As I was searching for a picture to include in this post,
I found this...
triplus® fineliner 334
I love these pens so much I *may* have just added these to my Amazon cart :)
Thanks Diane!

And lastly, I have something that will hopefully motivate YOU!
My dear friend, Rosie, from "Rosie's Rambles," and I are celebrating some exciting blogging milestones and are planning a "These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things" GIVEAWAY!
We're donating our favorite products from our TPT store and a box filled with our favorite things!
Now here's where YOU come it! We'd also like to do a couple of electronic giveaways where the winner will receive some of our blogging friends' FAVORITE PRODUCTS!
If you'd like to donate a product you've made that you love, please fill out the Google form HERE or below:

Thanks dear blogging buddies!
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