Sparking Student Motivation: Behavior Clip Chart

I told you that last week was rough.
Super rough.
I knew the students would need to transition back to school from Christmas break, but the difficult behavior was more than just transitioning.
So I decided to pull out a secret weapon...
My Behavior Clip Chart!
Every student has a clothespin and will start each day on Green, "Ready to Fly." Then, throughout the day, they will move up or down based on their behavior. 
The key to this system is that students can move both up and down all day long - so if they get dropped down to "Flight Delayed," there is a still a chance for them improve their behavior and move back up.
At the end of the day, the color the students are on determines their prize:
If they are on green, they get 1 ticket.
If they are on blue, they get 2 tickets.
If they are on gold, they get 5 tickets!!!
On the same token, if they end the day on:
Orange = warning, lose 5 minutes of recess
Red = lose whole recess, parent contact

I also created a tacking sheet where the students can fill in the color that they ended the day on, so their parents can track their progress:
I've also included a letter to explain the system to parents:
Everything you need for making this clip chart can be found at my TpT store.

This clip chart was sooo motivating for my students. If they start chatting or are off-task, I simply walk over towards the clip chart and instantly the students button their lips, sit up straight, and give me a thumbs-up, begging with their behavior to move up a level :)
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  1. Love your clip chart. I always love that you tie your theme in and are so consistent with it. I put my clip chart away for December while we used class money and the kids have been asking for the clip chart back.

  2. I agree with AMC-you know I love how you can incorporate your theme into EVERYTHING! What a great visual and reminder for your students-puts them in check with their behavior. I like that your students keep track of their own weekly/monthly progress and have parents sign it too. I know your secret weapon will work and next week will be a breeze for you! You're awesome! Thanks for sharing what works in your classroom!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching


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