Snowflake Symmetry

Happy back-to-school day! :)
For me at least - I know several of you hard-working, over-achieving teachers went back last Thursday. And I'm so sorry :)
I thoroughly enjoyed my Christmas break - it was just what the doctor ordered!

But now that my brain has officially switched back to teacher-mode, I have a fun post chocked-full of symmetry ideas for you!
I'm linking up with my blogging buddy, Jess, from I Heart Recess, for her Mathematical Monday linky party:
Now, I don't specifically teach symmetry in fifth grade (it's covered earlier), but I love to throw in a day or two of Snowflake Symmetry,
especially during the long month of January.
Here's a great video that covers the basic concept of symmetry:
The first section details what lines of symmetry are and then the next optional segments go into real-life examples of symmetrical shapes and images.

Then, to expand our learning and assess our understanding, we're going to use activities from a FUN and ENGAGING packet I have created:
Here is what is included in the packet:
Symmetry is specifically covered in a 4th grade CC standard, but this activity can be used in 3rd grade as a brain-booster or winter activity, or in 5th and 6th grade as a review activity that will get kids thinking about geometric shapes and lines of symmetry in a fun and engaging way.

Here's a preview of the packet:

You could also take the concept a step further.
I found this cute post on Pinterest: from The First Grade Parade
Symmetrical snowflakes made from strips of construction paper with added punched-out patterns
Symmetrical snowflakes made from strips of construction paper with added punched-out patterns
I think I am definitely going to use this with my kiddos after reviewing the concept with my packet. I just know that the artsy ones in my class will go all out.

Then, as an additional activities that combines the math concepts of plotting points and symmetry, we're going to try our hands at this fun (and FREE!) activity from "Math to the Core"
Snowflake graph and symmetry activity for coordinate plane
The students plot points on a coordinate graph to create a symmetrical snowflake.
It's going to be a little bit tricky for my kiddos since the coordinates aren't labeled and they have to plot both positive and negative points, but with some structured assistance, I think they'll be able to handle it. 

For my enrichment students, I am going to give them a blank piece of graph paper and have them plot points to create their own symmetrical snowflake. Then they can record the points and swap papers with one another to see if their classmates can follow the directions and create the intended snowflake.

If you have any ideas for teaching/reviewing symmetry, I'd LOVE to hear them!
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