Mentor Text: The Three R's= Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

This week we finished up a science chapter on heat and energy. The topic of renewable vs. nonrenewable energy and products was brought up, so I thought it would be a good time to do a mini-lesson on recycling.
I'm linking up with my buddies at Collaboration Cuties:
A great book to teach recycling is...
Amazon review: The three R's teaches us many things we can do to reduce pollution. When we Reduce the number of different things we throw away--such as plastic bags--we help to keep the land where we live clean and the water that we drink fresh. It is also a good idea to Reuse; for example, by finding new uses for hand-me-downs that we might otherwise be tempted to throw away. And we can Recycle things like paper, cans, and bottles by placing them in collection areas where they can be picked up and made into new and useful things. Remembering these three R words is a good way for us to help make our planet a good place to live.
I found a cute anchor chart on Pinterest:
A Cupcake for the Teacher: More Earthy Anchor Charts
I've also created a fun and interactive activity to test their recycling knowledge.
"To Recycle or Not to Recycle..That is the Question" is a fun sorting activity where students draw cards with items listed and must decide if that item is recyclable or non-recyclable. An answer key is included.

This is a 12-page packed, filled with fun and engaging activities that leave your students knowing a valuable life skill.

Also included is an acrostic poem template for "RECYCLE."
You can snag this activity for only $2.
It's perfect as a center station, a whole class activity, or a partner game.

You could also extend this game and send your students on a Recycling Hunt!
What Items Can You Recycle? Activity Using a Grocery Flier
This mom gave her son a grocery store circular and had him circle the items that would be recyclable.

I decided to do a Pinterest search for some recycling activities and found the cutest craft/DIY ideas:
This is awesome - an old TV cabinet turned into a play kitchen :)
So cute - an old entertainment cabinet recycled into a child's play kitchen
DIY Water Bottle Lava Lamp #recycle #turnitgreen
Earring holder:
Cute easy earring holder!!
An old door turned into kitchen storage:
Top 10 Best DIY Ideas to Recycle Your Old Door
I'm inspired to work on something crafty this weekend - but my pajamas are calling my name as well :)


  1. Hi Jessica! I loved your post today. I use mentor texts...a...lot! Thanks for sharing this one and your ideas to go with it. I will add it to my list. While I'm here, I'll check out your other posts, etc. It's my first time visiting.

  2. I haven't seen this book! It's cute and I love the anchor chart too! I also like the idea of having students circle recyclables in a circular! That's an easy practice that's "real life"!
    Thanks for linking up friend!!


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