Mathematical Monday: Decimal Dash

It's that time again, time for...
Mathematical Monday, hosted by my buddy, Jess, from I Heart Recess!
We've made the scary transition from fractions to decimals this week!
*insert gasp here*
I'll be honest, my students kind of freaked out.
They felt overwhelmed.
They got a little whiny.
But eventually, they grasped the connected between what they had mastered (fractions) and the exciting journey we were now embarking on...
Here is a 5-minute-long video from Teacher Tube Math that explains the basics of place value, fractions, and decimals:
I also found this awesome BrainPop video:
that helped my students grasp the basic concept of decimals in our everyday world.

I found this awesome anchor chart on Pinterest that covered a lot of our basic decimal terminology and important info:
and here's another one that walks students through the process of changing a fraction to a decimal:
Anchor Charts - Fraction to a decimal. Excellent collection of anchor charts
Once the kiddos were able to recognize and read decimals, we moved to the next step: adding and subtracting decimals. I found this great PowerPoint by Mike Schoudel that explains the process:
Adding-Subtracting Decimal powerpoint
Once my kiddos had the basics down, I thought it would be time for them to practice. We pulled out our handy-dandy white boards and did tons of examples together.

Then, I thought it was time for them to show their stuff in a FUN and ENGAGING way.
So I brought in...
It's a SCOOT game that covers a variety of topics including: recognizing place value, converting fractions to decimals, adding decimals, and subtracting decimals. 
Here's a preview of the entire packet:
Get your kiddos up and moving around while showing off their Decimal Dash skills!
You can snag this packet for only $2 - your students will thank you for it! :)
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