Martin's Big Words

Next Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 
Martin Luther King Jr.
so this week we're spending some time discussing MLK and his contribution to shaping this nation.
We're going to use several items from my MLK Mega Packet:
To kick off our study, we're going to read a couple of
Martin Luther King books:
and one of my all-time favorites, 
Martin's Big Words
One of the best things about this book is the powerful words and the incredible illustrations:
 To accompany this book and extend my student's learning about the power of words, I have created a Poster Packet of important quotes from the story:
 You could use this activity either before or after reading the story. I use it after reading it through once. I hang the quote posters around the classroom and have the students walk through and read them. Then, I have them think about what the quote means and how it could be used to influence and encourage people to pick up the cause of civil rights.
 Here's the preview of the posters plus a student activity sheet to use:
You could also divide your students into groups and assign each one a quote. They could focus in one what the quote means and then prepare a short presentation for the class.
These posters could also be used as a
thought-provoking bulletin board.

Do you have a mentor text you love to use with your students?
Link up your ideas and/or activities with my cute buds at Collaboration Cuties!

And then to continue our unit, we will discuss what made Martin Luther King, Jr. a great leader. 
{Here is the example of an activity we did last year}
We listed the qualities of leadership he exhibited and things he was passionate about inside his "head."
Disclaimer: I am by NO MEANS an artist, so don't judge my poor representation of MLK :) 
I told the students that Martin wasn't the only leader in history. We discussed various examples of other heroes and their characteristics (many of which over-lapped). I then told them I was staring at FUTURE leaders. 
"Inside the Head of a FUTURE Leader"
We repeated the exercise, only this time each student got a profile of a boy or girl and filled it's head with leadership qualities they have and different things they are passionate about. They turned out SO well!


  1. I love that extension activity! I think it's great for students to identify the qualities about them that make them unique and for them to be able to find their passions and strengths.

  2. Have you ever read My Brother Martin? That book would fit perfectly with your other books. It is written by his sister, and shares what it was like to grow up with him.

  3. I love the idea of having the students writing about themselves as future leaders!

  4. Love your "Inside the head of a Leader" anchor chart and student examples! I will definitely be borrowing this lesson to use during our Civil Rights unit! I just love Martin's Big Words! We do a similar activity as an entire wing and hang up the quotes as well the students reactions... LOVE IT!

    Have a great week :)
    My Shoe String Life

  5. Very beautiful ideas in your blog. Congratulations. I take some tips for my classes.
    Greetings from Colombia.


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