Five for Friday: Football Fever!

Are you ready for some FOOOOTTTBBBBAAAALLLLLL?!?!
Take Your Pick For Superbowl XLVIII #superbowl #nfl
Living in Seattle, you can imagine that my students are *slightly* excited about the Seahawks making it to the Superbowl.
And by slightly excited, I mean they think and talk of little else :)
I have a class of die-hard Seahawks fans and they are so pumped for the game on Sunday!
I decided to channel their energy into something productive and capitalize on their eagerness to learn and talk about the Superbowl.
So this week's "Five for Friday" will consist of five fun football activities we did this week:
1. Making of a Champion
This is an incredible video made by several of the Seahawks players that discusses what truly constitutes a champion. It has a strong Christian message and made me so proud t be a Seahwks fan! We need more athletes like this to be role models for our kiddos.

2. Football Brain Strainers:
The next few activities come from It is a great site (that costs $19.95 a year) that is totally worth the subscription price! It is the only one that I currently subscribe to and I am so thankful that I do! It has fun, varied, differentiated activities that you can simply print, copy, and hand out.

"Football Brain Strainers" was a super fun activity that challenged my students to solve puzzles for the different names of football teams across the country. 
I let the students work in groups. Some of the clues were pretty tricky and even my football pros were stumped :)
3. My Job at the Stadium:
This is another SuperTeacher activity - a fun writing prompt where the students decided what job they would most like to have in the football world.

I love Trenton's heart for football, his teammates, and glorifying God with his talents:
 Most of the students chose to be a football player, but this sweet little girl wanted to be a ticket seller:
 4. Football Coloring: 
The Seattle Times published a fun coloring page for kids. 
My students worked on these all day :)
5. Superbowl Snack Shopping
If I were to be completely honest, the thing I am most looking forward to about the "big game" is the snacks and the time chatting with friends :)
The last activity that we did was a math worksheet made by Lauren K M where the students were shopping for a big party.  The worksheet contains a list of 9 items to buy and the quantity needed. Pictures of corresponding bulk products (i.e., 12-pack of Coca Cola) are provided and students must determine how many packages are needed to buy the given quantity:
You can download this packet for FREE here.

And lastly, head over to TpT or TN during the Big Game for a Touchdown Super Bowl Sale!  
All of my items will be 20% to celebrate the Seahawks Win!!! :)
From the outside looking in you can never understand it, from the inside looking out you can never explain it. Go Seahawks!

And...come back tomorrow for a special giveaway!
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