A Festive, Interactive, and Technology-infused Week!

Yup 3 day weekend feeling. Love working for a bank
Enough said.
This week went super well - soooo much better than last week, thank the Lord :)

Here's a quick re-cap of our fun-filled week:

With Martin Luther King Day coming up, we naturally did a mini-unit on the civil rights hero this week. I blogged about some books I read to my students HERE.

In addition to the books, I incorporated some videos into our study. A mini-biography jump-started our unit:
and then we watched a great movie:

This cartoon is one hour long and tells the stories of two 6th grade boys who travel back in time and befriend Martin Luther King. It was a captivating story and wrapped our unit very nicely.
I have the DVD, but I just searched and found that you can also watch it on Youtube:
Heat and Energy:
We wrapped up our science unit on Heat and Energy. It was a very interesting chapter - and not one that my students had much background knowledge on.  It was a challenge, but the my kiddos rose to the occasion and did very well. 
I created an Interactive Notebook packet to help students with their note-taking skills and studying strategies:
Here's a preview of what's included in this INTERACTIVE packet:
Click HERE to see this packet in my TPT store.
States Unit
We started our Social Studies unit on the geography of the United States. The students learned details about each state in 4th grade, so this is a review chapter to see how much they remember. We work specifically on where the states are on a map, as well as the correct spelling of the state name and capital.
To kick off our unit, I showed the students this fun video:

It's an awesome video of a guy hand-drawing the states and then adding in details of the state names, capitals, and a picture to represent the state. My students were so impressed - and so was their teacher! :)
I also read my students the book:
and did some fun activities from my friend, Rosie's, packet:
The Scrambled States of America- Activities to go with the book
I've also created a States and Capitals MEGA Packet
 to enhance our study:

Click HERE to check out this great packet.
We've been making lots of snowflakes this week. The students are loving covering our classroom windows with their masterpieces! There is a nice combination of homemade ones and some made using beautiful templates:
Paper Snowflake Cutting PATTERNS
Here is a website with some fun and easy snowflake templates.
In my last class, a student taught us how to make these 3D snowflakes:
Snowflakes #splendidholiday We did this at our school! :D
Click HERE to see a tutorial to make these beauties.

I am so thankful to have made it through this busy week and I am beyond excited for this long weekend :)
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