A Day Our Way: My Daily Schedule

My buddy, Amelia, from "Where the Wild Things Learn"
 is  hosting a fun linky party where we share a glimpse
into our daily schedules:
Here's a glimpse into my day:

We start our day as a whole staff (PreK-12) to share devotions (each teacher takes a day), encouragement, prayer, and announcements for the day. It's a special time and it starts my morning off right.

When the students arrive, they are unpacking, turning in their homework, doing their lunch count, and filling in their daily agendas.

The morning work usually starts with the students copying their Bible verse of the week and then working on a spelling activity, a math practice sheet, or a fun grammar worksheet.

The rest of the day is pretty self-explanatory :)

During snack time, I either read aloud to my students or work with small groups on their math work.

We switch off doing science and social studies - alternating chapters. It is often my students' favorite part of the day.

The last period of the day is when the students who've signed up for band leave and the rest of the students have a "study hall" where they can work on homework, read, do puzzles, or play some educational games.

At 2:45 we do a quick daily wrap-up and back up to go home.
By 3:15 I am free!

Let other teachers see a glimpse into your day - Link up your schedule with Amelia :)


  1. I loved getting a glimpse of your day! How beautiful that your day starts with a staff devotion time. What a way to get all of your heads focused and ready! Thanks for lining up!! :)


  2. We can go a month without seeing all the teachers together in one place. I love that you get together each day!

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