Workshop Wednesday: Cookies for Santa!

Happy Wednesday, friends!
December has just started and yet Christmas is in full swing in my classroom! I absolutely love this time of year: I play Christmas music in the classroom, we're unwrapping and reading a Christmas book each day (read more about that HERE), and we're planning our annual Christmas class Secret Santa and Marketplace Activity (a time when the students all make or bake something and use Monopoly money to buy and sell their products before Christmas-more on that soon)
Today I'm linking up with my bud, Jivey, for her
Workshop Wednesday linky:
The theme for this week is seasonal math activities!
I love incorporating festive activities, worksheets, and games - as long as they serve their purpose: to provide valuable practice on an important skill.

I have two activities in my TPT store that are both
festive and provide valuable practice!

"Cookies for Santa" Addition Sort
Common Core Aligned Cookies for Santa Addition Sort
The students read the math problems on the cookies and then sort the cookies based on their answers:
So this cookie game serves two purposes: basic addition facts plus sorting sums
Then, for my upper elementary buddies, I have adapted the game to be practice basic multiplication facts:
Common Core Aligned Cookies for Santa Multiplication Sort
This cookie game also serves two purposes: basic multiplication facts plus sorting products as greater than or less than.
A win-win! :)

I'd love to GIVE AWAY two FREE copies of this game - leave a comment with your e-mail address and the version you'd like to win (addition or multiplication) :)
I'll choose two winners tomorrow night!
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