Five for Friday: I Survived the Week Before Christmas Break!

I feel like this perfectly describes my December...
I laugh, but I also want to cry because it is so true.
It was fun, festive, and slightly chaotic - just like a 10-year-old likes it! :)

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Here's what we've been up to:
Unwrapping a Book a Day!
This week we unwrapped our final books in our countdown to Christmas vacation!
Photo: Is wrapping books! Each day in December my students will unwrap a book for me to read to them :) whatever it takes to foster a love of reading...
You can read more about this fun December tradition HERE.
School Gifts:
 This year I bought my students cute little ornaments that say "Find JOY in Jesus"
I wrote a personalized note on the back - for them to look back on fondly as 5th grade will definitely be their favorite grade ever :)
I packed the ornaments in goodies bags along with a pencil, a candy cane, an eraser, and the ever-popular...
Scentos (available Michaels)
My kids are NUTS for these smelly markers :)
They LOVED their bags - and were so appreciative. It was sweet to hear their grateful hearts.

For my principal, I made this funny frame:
We all have "those days" :)

And lastly, for my lovely TA (high school senior who helps me for an hour each day!), I filled a basket with chocolates, mints, and a gift card to her favorite store. 
I would be LOST without her - and am so thankful for her willing spirit and cheerful attitude. 

On Thursday we celebrated the last day of school with a fun-filled festive day!
We started out with a Secret Santa gift exchange:
Love to wrap Christmas presents.
While we unwrapped and enjoyed our presents, my fabulous Room Mom passed out yummy Krispy Kreme donuts and milk!
Homemade "Krispy Kreme" Doughnuts
Then we enjoyed a holiday classic:  "Charlie Brown's Christmas"
Charlie Brown Christmas
 Then, the festivities continued in the afternoon with the annual 5th Grade Marketplace!
Each student made something to "sell" - a food, a craft item, or a carnival-type game - and then the students went around to "buy" (with Monopoly money) products from their classmates. They LOVED the experience and it was an awesome lesson in beginning economics, supply and demand, and product pricing.

Christmas Parties!
We hosted a small get-together with friends - SUCH a fun time!
Then I got together with the ladies in my Bible study for a Cookie Exchange: 
Christmas at the Lawlers:
As I speak...err, type...I am sitting in the SeaTac airport, waiting to fly home to New York!!!
Hubby and I had our own quiet little Christmas yesterday, complete with stockings, presents, yummy food, and a Home Alone marathon :)
I cannot cannot cannot wait to see my family!
And what could make the first day of Christmas vacation sweeter? 
 I woke up to a winter wonderland this morning:
Lucky for me I didn't have anywhere to go - I stayed snuggled inside, drinking tea, and watching the flakes fall.
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