When Book Characters Come to Life!

Happy Tuesday!
I had a GLORIOUS day off yesterday, filled with relaxing, shopping, cleaning, baking, and lounging on the couch, watching a Christmas movie. It was rejuvenating to my soul :)
But today came bright and early and I hit the ground running!
For today's "Tried-It Tuesday" I am going to share an idea of a book report that will
bring the characters to life 

Here's the idea:
The students each read a book and then create a life-size picture of the main character. But one thing is missing: the face. They cut out a hole where the face is, so that on presentation day, they can stand as their character and talk to the students about the book. The kids did a phenomenal job - and they had fun too! 

Here are some awesome examples:
The students wrote their report as their character:
Here's Brian from Hatchet
Can you guess who some of these characters are?!?!
I love the Star Wars oriagmi characters! :)

Aren't they fabulous?!? 
I love the creativity that was shown - this was definitely a report that jumped off the pages! 

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