Sparking Student Motivation: M&M Math!

I've got peanut butter chocolate chips baking in the oven and their delicious smell is wafting through my house! 
My mouth is watering! :)
Milk Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies
While they are transforming into mouth-watering balls of goodness, I thought I would take a quick minute to share something that motivated my students this week:

Like I mentioned HERE, we've been doing a fractions unit in math. On Friday, I told the students that I had planned a little secret treat to reward them for their hard work. 
But I mentioned that this wasn't on my original lesson plans, so we had to work extra diligently to get everything else done if we were going to fit this in. 
Boy were they motivated! They worked well and anytime a table group would be talking or goofing off, the other students would shush them and remind them that we need to work diligently to earn our secret treat :)

In the afternoon I pulled out...

I conveniently bought these after Halloween,
so they were on sale :)

The students kind of freaked :)

We did this AWESOME free activity, courtesy of
"The Teacher Treasury"
FREE Fun Fractions with M and Ms - 2 pages. Materials Needed:  1 snack pack of M and M candies (per student)    My classes ALWAYS love this lesson!
^Click the picture^ to be taken to the TPT download.

The activity gave the students valuable hands-on practice with fractions: estimating, writing, adding, subtracting, simplifying, and munching! :)

Here are some pictures of my kiddos enjoying the activity:

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