Sparking Student Motivation: Fly Swatters!

It's Saturdayyyyy!
I'm waiting for my hubby to wake up
so we can go on our bagel date! :)
A cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera is calling my name!
Panera Cinnamon Crunch Bagel...delicious
Before I go out and gorge myself on cinnamony-sugary goodness, I want to share an idea with you that definitely motivated my kiddos this week:
This is a versatile review game that can be played
with ANY subject.
And the only thing you need is...
I bought mine at the Target Dollar Spot a couple of years ago:
Here's how it works:
I wrote a bunch of answers on the white board.
I then called up two students (I had divided my class into teams)
I read a question.
When I said "GO!" the students would "slap" the answer.
The fly swatter who hits first received a point for his team!

*Note: I did not invent this game :)

I played this game three different times this week, to review for three tests in separate subjects

On Monday we played it to review our reading vocabulary.
I typed up all of the words in PowerPoint and projected it onto my screen. But then realized that the words at the top of the screen were way too high for some of my darling little students, so I had to go old-school and just hand-write the words on the board :)

On Wednesday we played a version of the Fly Swatter game to study our Spelling words
I have created a Fly Swatter game template for any list of spelling or vocabulary words that you can buy on TPT
I  use sticky tack to attach little "flies" to the board, each with a point value (positive or negative) on the back. I divide the student into two teams and call up a student. If they can correctly "say, spell, say" the word, then he gets to "slap" (with a fly swatter) a fly and then will add or subtract the points to his team's score.

And then, lastly, we played a math version on Friday:
I wrote a bunch of numbers on the board.
Then I called up students to compete.
I would call out any question 
(We were doing a basic review, so I threw in multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division problems! It caused the students to listen to my problem carefully)
Here are some students
poised and ready for me to say "GO!" 
And when I said "GO" they would "slap" their answer!
Whoever slapped it first (whoever's flyswatter was on the bottom) received a point for their team!
And that's it!
A simple, fun, no-prep-required game that gets the students cheering and practicing valuable information and skills? 
Sign me up! :)

What did you do that motivated your students this week?
Stop by Joanne's blog to share your ideas!
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