Sparking Student Motivation: Angry VERBS!

Happy Saturday, friends!
I'm joining my friend, Joanne, from "Head Over Heels for Teaching," for her "Spark Student Motivation Saturdays" linky:
If you want a way to capture your students attention during grammar(and keep it!), this is it...
*These are my most popular TpT items* 
I have two Angry Verbs packets - 
Angry Verbs Part 1 deals with action verbs vs linking verbs and includes a scavenger hunt, a bulletin board activity, and a creative writing prompt.
Then we put our verb knowledge into practice with a fun writing activity:
The students were told that a band of Angry Birds had been let loose and it was their job to catch them! 
This student planned a creative story about two Angry Birds who stole sombreros, hid in the Space needle, and escaped to Mexico until being caught and sent to jail :)
This student took a more magical spin on the assignment:
Then we wrote our final drafts:
 Angry Verbs Unit 2 includes two center (or whole-group) activities:
1. Sorting Angry Verbs vs. Not-an-Angry-Verb
2. "In-Tense" Sorting Tensed Angry Verbs (past, present, and future)
Both games come with playing cards, a sorting mat, a student tracking chart, and an answer key
You can buy both of these activity packets in my
Angry Verb Bundle!

I have a little FREEBIE for you! 
Here's a fun graphic organizer that can be used to engage your students and give them valuable practice writing and identifying the different types of verbs:
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