Must Read Thanksgiving Mentor Text: Sarah Gives Thanks

Happy Almost-Thanksgiving Friends! :)
Give Thanks to the Lord 8x10 Art Print Christian Bible Verse Thanksgiving
I love this time of year:
the crisp weather, the fall smells, the general feeling of giving thanks in the air, the massive amounts of dessert I'm allowing myself to eat... :)

I have three half-days this week - and they will be filled with Thanksgiving Fun!
I am linking up with Amanda and Stacia for their
Must Read Mentor Text
to share a great Thanksgiving book!
Amanda blogged this morning about the awesome book
Thank-you, Sarah
Well, great minds think alike because my book is a perfect compliment to hers! :)
Amazon description: During the nineteenth century, Sarah Josepha Hale dedicated her life to making Thanksgiving a national holiday, all while raising a family and becoming a groundbreaking writer and women's magazine editor. Sarah Hale's inspiring story, accompanied by luscious watercolor illustrations, tells the tale of one woman who wouldn't take no for an answer.
Here's a glimpse inside the book: 
ReadWriteThink is an awesome website with lots of hands-on and interesting activities that will enrich a study of Sarah Hale. Click on the picture below to be taken to the resource-rich site :)

Because my students have a preconceived notion about what the first Thanksgiving looked like, I want to dispel their visions of shiny buckle-wearing pilgrims feasting on turkey with their new Indian BFFs. Scholastic has created an awesome series of videos that show what life was really life on the Mayflower, in the Plymouth Plantation, and during the first Thanksgiving meal.
Click HERE to watch this interesting documentary on the First Thanksgiving (produced by Scholastic)

Then, to extend the book further, I like to read my kids this interview with the author of the story, Mike Allegra. He is quite quirky and my students find him interesting and relate-able.
Click the picture above to be taken off-site to an interview with the author of Sarah Gives Thanks, Mike Allegra

And lastly, we've been focusing on what we're thankful for in class. Stay tuned tomorrow for a post of Thanksgiving bulletin board/art activity ideas!
In the past I have found that my students are frequently just giving a "grocery list" of things that they are thankful for. I wanted them to focus not only on the gifts they appreciate, but ultimately on the Giver of all things :)
I put this picture up on the projector and then kiddos create their own artistic versions. I laminate them and send them home as a gift on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
Give Thanks Bible Verses - nice reminder- change to a landscape format and make for Thanksgiving Day place mats :-)
Do you study Sarah Hale as part of your Thanksgiving curriculum? If you do - and you have other activity ideas to share - I'd love to hear about it! Leave me a comment below and I'll get back to you via e-mail :)
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