Mathematical Monday: Equivalent Fractions

Happy Monday, friends!
Phew! What a day!
We ended our first quarter on Friday and today started off the 2nd with a bang! The fun never stops for teachers, does it? :)

Today I'm linking up with TWO of my JESSICA buddies!
Jess, from I Heart Recess
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Jivey from "Ideas by Jivey"
for her Worshop Wednesday.
This week's theme is FRACTIONS, so it fits in perfectly with what we're learning :)
We're knee-deep in our fractions unit and this week we're talking all about equivalent fractions:

*Click on each picture to be taken to the original link* 
I found all of these resources for FREE!

Here's our anchor chart to reference during the unit:
Equivalent Fractions anchor chart
Here's a great video that explains the concept of equivalent fractions:
Then I gave the students an activity sheet with fraction bars:
Fraction Strip - Equivalent Fractions
We colored in fractions to equal 1/2
and 1/3:

It was a good visual representation for some of my students.

Then we did a fun partner match-up game that got the kids up and moving, trying to find their equivalent fraction partner:
Equivalent Fraction Practice product from katietexas on

Once they understand the concept, here's a fun video that my kids LOVE:
Introducing...The Fraction Shuffle :)
Here's an assessment sheet I'm going to use this week:
Equivalent fractions

And as some fun extension activities, I plan to use these FREE games during math centers:
"Go Yoda" Fractions Game
Classroom Freebies Too: Fern Smith's Go Yoda! Harder Equivalent Fractions Go Fish Card GameFREE "Go Yoda!" Harder Equivalent Fractions Go Fish Card Game
Equivalent Fractions Dominoes!

Equivalent Fractions Bump

and a FREE Color-by-Equivalent Fraction sheet:
@Kristina Kilmer Kilmer herr    Equivalent Fractions Worksheet
I am going to let my students choose either the lion or the elephant :)

Well that's our week in math in a nutshell :)
Link up your math ideas with I Heart Recess and Ideas by Jivey


  1. Thanks for linking up! What AWESOME resources! Pinning for when we teach this skill!

  2. Awesome list of resources! Thank you for sharing!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  3. These are great resources! Thanks so much for sharing and linking up!

  4. I will have to check out those links and the videos. This will come in handy this week, we are knee deep in equivalent fractions!


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