Mathematical Monday: Equivalent Fractions

Happy Monday, friends!
Phew! What a day!
We ended our first quarter on Friday and today started off the 2nd with a bang! The fun never stops for teachers, does it? :)

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This week's theme is FRACTIONS, so it fits in perfectly with what we're learning :)
We're knee-deep in our fractions unit and this week we're talking all about equivalent fractions:

*Click on each picture to be taken to the original link* 
I found all of these resources for FREE!

Here's our anchor chart to reference during the unit:
Equivalent Fractions anchor chart
Here's a great video that explains the concept of equivalent fractions:
Then I gave the students an activity sheet with fraction bars:
Fraction Strip - Equivalent Fractions
We colored in fractions to equal 1/2
and 1/3:

It was a good visual representation for some of my students.

Then we did a fun partner match-up game that got the kids up and moving, trying to find their equivalent fraction partner:
Equivalent Fraction Practice product from katietexas on

Once they understand the concept, here's a fun video that my kids LOVE:
Introducing...The Fraction Shuffle :)
Here's an assessment sheet I'm going to use this week:
Equivalent fractions

And as some fun extension activities, I plan to use these FREE games during math centers:
"Go Yoda" Fractions Game
Classroom Freebies Too: Fern Smith's Go Yoda! Harder Equivalent Fractions Go Fish Card GameFREE "Go Yoda!" Harder Equivalent Fractions Go Fish Card Game
Equivalent Fractions Dominoes!

Equivalent Fractions Bump

and a FREE Color-by-Equivalent Fraction sheet:
@Kristina Kilmer Kilmer herr    Equivalent Fractions Worksheet
I am going to let my students choose either the lion or the elephant :)

Well that's our week in math in a nutshell :)
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